Journalism Education and Trauma Research Group (JETREG) is based at the University of Lincoln, UK, and has membership from journalism scholars and practitioners from universities across the world.

We were brought together by our shared concern about a possible failure of duty of care by journalism educators in not offering opportunities to journalism students to develop skills which may reduce risk to their personal and professional wellbeing.

Evidence shows that an increasing number of journalists are disclosing personal histories of work-related emotional, professional and social adjustment difficulties including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other reactions evoked by what they have been exposed to.

For any enquiries, or if you wish to join the network and find out more about our work, please contact Ola Ogunyemi, the JETREG, network convenor via oogunyemi@lincoln.ac.uk  or Lada Price via lada.price@shu.ac.uk